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11 06 2010

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Cautiously, I dip my toe into the blogosphere again.

You might remember me; you might not.  I used to blog at a different place, from a different location, under a different pseudonym.  But I lost “it,” whatever “it” is, a few months ago, and I finally put my old blog out of its ever-growing misery, as it had been on life support for some time prior to its demise.  Plus, I’d pretty much lost my anonymity at the old place and, while looking for work in this challenging economic time, friends in cyberspace and meatspace alike counseled me that perhaps the blog was adversely affecting my job prospects.

But I’m refreshed, relocated, and (not incidentally) re-employed, and so here I am again.  I don’t know what path this blog is going to take this time, but I can tell you the subject matter will reflect my life and times as much as my old blog did.  This means it’s mostly — but not completely — a political blog, and an unabashedly liberal one at that.  It will have a Florida emphasis, and a central Florida one at that, but it won’t focus exclusively on the Sunshine State, as there’s plenty of batshit crazy to go around.  It probably will take me a while to get my blog mojo back (not to mention the process of learning WordPress, which I didn’t use before), but thanks in advance for bearing with me.

With that, buckle up and hold on — it’s going to be a wild ride.




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11 06 2010

Best wishes on this new endeavor!

19 06 2010

Welcome back, man.

27 06 2010

Welcome back, whoever you used to be.

I just found this place (and bookmarked it) from a link at DK. That should help your traffic.

Being an aging liberal public school teacher living in central Florida (Florida: The Mildew State), I look forward to checking in on you blog often.

You seem to be off to a good start.

27 06 2010
J.T. Orlando

Thanks, cope. Actually in the process of moving the blog to a more permanent site, so I hope it won’t mess up your bookmark. I’ll see if I can redirect from here…

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